if seinfeld was a show about video games id be george costanza

Pretty much this.

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{UnWinona}: I debated whether or not to share this story.

This is a MUST read for all men (and women to know you’re not alone). When I have been in situations like this and men ask “Why didn’t you do x, y or z,” read this to understand why sometimes it’s difficult for women to react immediately or the way they think we “should have” reacted. It’s hard to avoid advances, and if you’re clear but polite some still take it as an opening. If you’re firm with them, they sometimes go ballistic. It’s really awful how frozen from fear you can feel.

Click on the link to read this woman’s story, which unfortunately is a common story for most women.

EDIT: great response my friend just shared with me to the men that try to give the “why didn’t you just…” advice comments - How about “Why didn’t they just not harass/assault me.”



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