OFFICIAL Mass Effect character hoodies are here for pre-sale! YAY!

Get them at the BioWare store: Garrus | Tali


Geek Fashion: Mass Effect Character Hoodies

Note: I mention it in the main post (hit the link) that these are not the official hoodies that BioWare was working on with the original artist. People are getting impatient and making the character hoodies themselves, and that’s what these are. :)


Mass Effect Dresses, Leggings & Swimsuits

I will keep posting these photos of Mass Effect pieces from Black Milk Clothing until they have posted them all. Check the link for their podcast that just released today which features more pieces that they have not yet posted photos of!


Geek Fashion: More Mass Effect Goodness from Black Milk

You’re going to want to click that link above to see the list of items they are selling. Though it isn’t totally spelled out, it is obvious to fans just by looking at the titles of the pieces that they will likely include Aria, Liara, and perhaps even Garrus.

They don’t all have photos yet but trust me, once you see the descriptions, you WILL freak out. 


Mass Effect Monday: Mass Effect Character Ads

by Incogneto45


Cosplay Wednesday: Mass Effect’s Tali’Zorah

Cosplay by nebulaluben.


Cosplay: Tali 

It’s not Cosplay Wednesday, and I know I keep doing this, but this is so wonderful! Remember the fantastic Miranda cosplayer? She's back again with these great shots of her Tali cosplay. Perfect setting for a perfect cosplay.


Mass Effect 3 Characters by pan10



Where The Lover Never Leaves

Where the hungry never starve

Where the traveler never tires

I wanted to paint a tree but I also like Mass Effect and I couldn’t decide which love interest to go with.

crtis welcome~~~! And maybe you guys can help me decide which one to put on DA and which ones you would like as prints =D

Inspirational music from Battlestar

I might have shed a small tear.




Today the first set is Mass Effect! WORDS CANNOT STRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE QUARIANS. I was so excited to find such beautiful Talis and at least one Kal’Reegar at the convention. Unfortunately, the camera wouldn’t focus right for the second Tali I found (with the glowing omni-tool) no matter what I did, even though her cosplay was goooorrrrgeous ;w; Her mouthpiece even blinked whenever she talked, up until it broke on Friday evening.

All of these had such wonderful work done to them. I found quarians, a Kasumi, and a Ladyshep…made my weekend!

KAL’REEGAR. COSPLAY. Be still my beating heart.

Co-signed because OMG Kal’Reegar cosplay! <3 <3 <3

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There is a N7 onesie in the BioWare Store for all you parents out there!


Please send me photos of your children in this onesie please. I will post them all! Pleasepleaseplease.

Zelda and Nintendo t-shirts