I had a traumatizing hair experience when first moving to the bay area. I had been growing out my hair and asked the woman I went to that I wanted a trim and to please keep it long. I spent over 2 years getting my hair long only to have her chop it off. I could barely put it in a ponytail. 

I don’t know what it is about an attachment to hair but of course I burst into tears after that. It’s one thing if I CHOOSE to chop my hair off. It’s another if someone does it without asking me.

So after many trials with new hairdressers, I had better luck in general (they certainly didn’t chop off all my hair) but I was hoping to be blown away by a cut and style. Finally, I found the one: Scotty from Oxenrose in San Francisco.

After a session with Scotty my hair gets brighter, shinier and happier. Seriously. Also, I can go a full 24 hours or more without washing my hair and it still looks really great. I don’t know how he does it but it’s like magic.

I highly recommend Scotty - especially for long hair. He’s so good I thought he deserved a blog post. I already wrote a review for him on Yelp but maybe this will help if someone is just searching on google. If you’re in San Francisco, see Scotty at Oxenrose. He does not disappoint! :)

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