Geek Fashion Friday: Giant Face Comic Tees

When I was in Oaxaca, Mexico a few months back, I noticed a lot of t-shirts and other items with superheroes taking up the entire composition of the shirt. I am so happy to see this style becoming available stateside now! 

Grab em here.

I do wish they would sell these in dress form too. :x



Artist Hillary White (previously featured here) has created an extensive and completely awesome series of paintings, entitled Pop Reinterpretation, for which she beautifully recreates painting by the Old Masters depicting a wide variety of pop culture icons in place of the original subjects.

R2-D2 becomes Francois-Xavier Fabre’s Portrait Of A Man, Kermit the Frog becomes Frans Hals’ Portrait of a Young Woman, Optimus Prime becomes Anthony Van Dyck’s Self Portrait With Sunflower, and so on.

Hillary has painted so many of these wonderful portraits, it’s an almost unbearably awesome accomplishment. If you like these even half as much as we do, check out the entire Pop Reinterpretation gallery to see the rest.

[via HiConsumption]

It’s Pop Art Meets High Art on Geyser of Awesome!



Iron Man Variant Color - Mondo Avengers Series - POSTER



Robert Downey Jr. meets with kids dressed up as Iron Man.

Hooray for little girls dressed as Iron Man!

Zelda and Nintendo t-shirts