Community Effect Mashup: Pt. 2.5 The Dean, Chang, Illusive Spreck, Vega Burns, Reapers and Annie’s Boobs and repost of Greendale 7 Poster

More character mash ups for Community/Mass Effect fan art. Just added The Dean/Jack, and Chang/Kai Leng to my blog. I’m sure the dean would say …..”I’m here to give the Greendale 7 news that I’m going “Jack” things up with my Big Ole Gun”

Chang was a toss up between Kai Leng or as the Illusive Chang but the Kai Chang mash up went to smoothly. (Still may try an Illusive Chang) Changrad Verner may have worked too =)

Updated with more Community/Mass Effect Mash Ups: Added Vega Burns, The Illusive Spreck, Annie’s Boobs and the Reapers

If you havn’t seen The Greendale 7’s individual images check my previous blog post

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