Working on cosplay stuff for SDCC 2012

Decided to grab a base to work with for this one. This originally was a short dress, the belt wasn’t sewn down for some reason and the gauntlets were gigantic on me (I have super tiny wrists). 

I do not have a sewing machine so I spent many hours sewing the bottom into shorts, sewed the belt on to the bodice and cut up the gauntlets and re-sized them/sewed them back together. 

I’m tired, guys.

edit: The tiara also had to be altered some but it is not pictured. I purchased the boots already, so that’s taken care of too! All I have left to do is glue a star back onto the top of the costume, buy some rope and spray-paint that sucker gold. I am aching to also rock blue contacts but I ran out of time so unless I pay a ton of money out of the ying yang it’s not going to happen. :( Damn my poo brown eyeballs.

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